Soy Cappuccino

I wanted to cook another recipe from AFR today, but I was just too busy.  Instead, I bring you this:

Look at all that lovely froth!  I use Soy Dream soymilk.  I find that it froths beautifully (unlike Silk which hardly froths at all).  I use an appliance called a “Froth au Lait” which is awesome. It makes tons of frothy foamy goodness.  It’s a really loud little machine, but worth it.  I make my espresso using a Bialetti Moka stovetop espresso pot.  Starbucks decaf espresso beans.  I love a lot of foam in my cappuccino and a really dry cappuccino, so about half of what is in that cup is foam.  The rest is equally espresso and soymilk.

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One Response to Soy Cappuccino

  1. Celia says:

    That looks like the perfect latte. I can’t believe I just now found your website! Everything looks delicious.

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