Cupcakes for Grown-Ups

Today I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  I didn’t take pics of any of them, except for one of the “special” cupcakes…just for adults….c’mon dirty hippies–you know the kind I’m talking about!  Usually this is done in brownie form, but making cupcakes takes it all to a new level.  Quick note: Grind your legal herb up very finely, put it in some Earth Balance on the stove, and let it cook together (simmery is ok) for a while, then set it aside to cool a bit and finish incorporating the flavors.  Of my whole batch of cupcakes, only two were the special kind, so I poured all the muffin cups for those, then added the butter/legal herb mixture to the remaining batter, added about a tablespoon of flour, and mixed, and poured.  To mark the two different ones I put decoration on the frosting.  When they were done they were quickly whisked away to grown-up land hiding spaces for sometime in the near future consumption.  Note that some people will let the legal herb and butter mixture cook a bit longer and sit to infuse a but longer so that they can strain the leaves out.  I didn’t bother with that step.  Each of my two cupcakes has maybe 1/2 gram of the legal herb in it and it was so finely powdered to start with that I just tossed it all in.

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