Popcorn Chick’n (Popcorn Chickpea Cutlets)

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon.  I think I’ve made them about four times in the last week or so alone.  All that frying…holy cow. Yeah, I could’ve baked them or even baked them and then given them a quick, light-on-the-oil pan fry, but I just keep on frying them for some reason.  In general, I’m a very healthy eater, although you definitely can’t tell that from the foods I post here.  I think I just like photographing the less healthy stuff more.  I think my morning oatmeal with protein powder would be less than interesting in a food blog, unless it’s super amazing oatmeal (it often is, actually) that is unique and worth posting.  Anyway, chickpea cutlets.  I was thinking about popcorn chicken yesterday.  I very rarely ate meat in my pre-vegan life, but I did have chicken sometimes (had to be the breast and it had to be overcooked and dry–I’m much better suited to a vegan life!), especially the fried versions, and even more especially: popcorn chicken.  I loved the little bite-sized, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, pieces of fried goodness.  It occurred to me that I should fry up some chickpea cutlets in popcorn form and today I did.  They were amazing!

I don’t use fresh garlic, as the recipe calls for.  The bits of garlic just fall out when you knead the dough and garlic powder, while sort of sacrilegious to some, is just so much more convenient here.  Instead of lemon zest (because I don’t usually have lemons lying around and I’m not making the trip to the store just to buy a lemon to make these when the recipe really doesn’t need it) I used a bit of lemon juice (yep, from the trusty ol’ lemon juice bottle in the fridge).

Sorry about the picture.  I would have presented it more nicely, but they were fresh out of the pan and draining on some paper towels and I found myself eating them as soon as they came out of the oil….so they never even made it to an actual plate.  I swear, I don’t eat fried stuff all the time.  Stupid PMS.

Popcorn Chickpea Cutlets

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